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Molybdenum Platinum Parts

Molybdenum platinum parts analysis as follows:

Aerospace, aviation, defense frequently used advanced transformer, there is a core part, the use of precious metals platinum molybdenum alloy, the alloy parts shown in Fig.1, the thickness t = 0.25 mm.

molybdenum platinum parts molybdenum platinum parts

As can be seen from Fig.1, the part is thin, the more complex shapes. After processing requirements smooth without burr, this alloy hardness, while not high, but large plastic, which gives the mold bring some difficulties.

Platinum molybdenum parts the main structure of the composite blanking die

Considering molybdenum platinum alloy parts shape of parts and production efficiency, production practice generally more common composite blanking tooling, composite blanking die and punch the main parts die shape shown in Fig.2

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