Molybdenum Alloy Solution Enhanced Mechanisms

What is molybdenum alloy sution strengthening mechanisms

It has long been found that adding molybdenum, titanium, zirconium, hafnium, molybdenum and other elements can increase the recrystallization temperature, such as TZM molybdenum alloy. Best wherein the titanium content of 0.5% zirconium content of 0.1% to 0.4% for molybdenum and zirconium strengthening effect much stronger than titanium. Trace strengthened molybdenum alloys, strengthening effect is weak, the performance higher than pure molybdenum; large strengthened molybdenum alloys, molybdenum improves the strength and hardness of the heat, but the processing performance is deteriorated.

A large number of solid solution elements Re, Mo alloy on the one hand can greatly reduce the plastic brittle transition temperature, the molybdenum rhenium alloy has good temperature properties; hand, can also increase the recrystallization temperature of molybdenum alloys, welding performance and resistance to radiation and so on.

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This toughening mechanism is fairly complete explanation of CC Gorelik proposed dislocations and impurity atoms interacting theory. This interaction depends on the dislocations and impurity atoms with surrounding elastic stress field interaction point to reduce the total elastic stress directions.

When adding a small amount of solute atoms, the atomic distribution in the matrix dislocations largest accumulation region, thereby reducing the lattice imperfections within those areas of flexibility. Since impurity atoms and dislocation interactions, reduce the flexibility of lattice imperfections, so that the internal energy lower than that of pure metal. Undermine this system the flexibility needed to balance the large energy than pure metals. Foreign atoms hinder dislocation movement is one of the reasons. However, this alloy is expensive, has now been other more cost-effective alternative products.

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