Molybdenum Alloy Research Directions

Molybdenum alloy research directions as follows:

With the military industry, aerospace technology, metallurgy industry, electronic industry and other development, the performance of pure molybdenum can not meet the requirements, thereby facilitating molybdenum alloy research and development. Development of new preparation process, providing higher performance materials, opening up new areas of application are key to the development of molybdenum and molybdenum alloy.

People from a single mechanism to recombination mechanisms alloying alloying, from improved strength and toughness to the high temperature oxidation resistance of the upgrade, from the high-temperature structural materials to the development of functional materials, a step by step expansion of molybdenum and molybdenum alloy range of applications. Since then, the recombination mechanisms alloying research issues and oxidation resistance as a function of material applications become one of the new challenges facing molybdenum alloy.

molybdenum alloy

So far, the doped molybdenum alloy to improve overall performance of the mechanism is still not a complete theoretical explanation and strong experimental evidence, and theoretical research to guide process optimization, improved material properties, so the mechanism needs further study.

Molybdenum alloy has wide use, development potential advantages, especially excellent high temperature performance much people of all ages. Therefore, the development of excellent high-temperature structural materials and functional molybdenum materials to replace the traditional high-temperature molybdenum alloy (TZM, TZC) and traditional cathode material (W-Th2O), it will be very broad market prospects.

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