Molybdenum Alloy Development Prospects

Molybdenum alloy development prospects of the few observations are as follows:

(1) Since molybdenum alloy production technology and pure molybdenum production process is almost the same. With the development of refractory materials, pure molybdenum material with excellent performance will gradually be replaced by molybdenum alloy materials;

(2) In the present for a long period of time, as an excellent, mature molybdenum alloy Mo-Ti-Zr-C series, TZM, TZC alloy sheet, strip, foil in the mainstream applications, anti-sag properties and high temperature good performance of the earth will gradually replace the pure molybdenum in molybdenum rods, wire in the position;

molybdenum alloymolybdenum alloy
molybdenum alloymolybdenum alloy

(3) doped molybdenum and rhenium doped molybdenum adding these two elements molybdenum alloy, with its excellent performance in the civilian and military products has grown, and has a great development prospects;

(4) integrated molybdenum alloy will strengthen people to pursue new goals.

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