Molybdenum Alloy Applications

What is molybdenum alloy used for?

Molybdenum alloy can be made rockets and other aircraft parts, and manufacture of special equipment (insertion of the nozzle throat section, wing edges, jet vanes, radio antennas, shell, atomic reactors and other components) components.

Large-caliber high molybdenum alloy tubes are typically used for overseas oil and gas fields project; molybdenum alloy also has the heat, pressure, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can be used as automobile and aircraft parts....

molybdenum alloy applicationsmolybdenum alloy applications
molybdenum alloy applicationsmolybdenum alloy applications

Molybdenum alloy ingot metallurgy production process is mainly used, can also be used smelting production process. Generally small size of the blank to use more powder metallurgy process, large-sized billets both can be used. Taken processes depend on the performance requirements of the final product. Suitable powder density of the blank of the theoretical density is about 93 to 96%. Industrial molybdenum and alloys used mainly vacuum consumable arc melting and electron beam melting. Coarse grains subject extrusion ingot blooming only after processing.

High molybdenum alloy is an important structural component, such as nozzle control surfaces, support leaves, pillars healing radiation shield, heat sink, turbine hub, missile components.

Molybdenum alloy has also been in the nuclear, chemical, glass, metal and other industrial applications. Molybdenum alloy electric arc in structural applications is limited, no more than 1650 ° C (3000 ° F). Pure molybdenum with good characteristics of resistance to hydrochloric acid, can be used for acid service chemical process industry.

In addition, molybdenum alloys can be used to insert the tubing pressure die forging equipment manufacturing, oil and glass industries, as well as electricians and wireless electronic industrial equipment parts.

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