Molybdenum Alloy New Applications

Molybdenum alloy new applications - Electronic Applications

Has long been a molybdenum electronic components of a major market. Thermal expansion than copper, molybdenum silicon solid state device is closer to the thermal expansion of the operating temperature range, so molybdenum silicon components for thermal control, and of molybdenum and silicon good thermal expansion match than the copper component greatly reducing the thermal stress caused by the mismatch. Molybdenum or copper alternative materials power device which prevents the stress caused by a mechanical failure period, molybdenum also used in advanced packaging technologies, and to match the thermal expansion of silicon. Excellent thermal conductivity and compared with competing materials, and its relatively low cost make the application of molybdenum in this area on attractive.

Composite copper-clad molybdenum is important for a variety of electronic components for high-density circuit components (such as the center plane of the circuit board and the ceramic package) to control a molybdenum composite coefficient of thermal expansion capabilities. Due to the presence of copper molybdenum composites is improved thermal conductivity and package performance.

molybdenum alloymolybdenum alloymolybdenum alloy

Molybdenum alloy new applications - Other applications

1. Vacuum furnace

Operating temperature and pressure in the furnace molybdenum low vapor pressure within the furnace in which the workpiece little pollution from the molybdenum component, evaporation loss does not affect the high temperature part (such as the heating element and the insulating member) of life;

2. Glass melting

Molybdenum is also used for the unique properties of glass production. When the temperature of the high temperature bending strength ideal molybdenum electrode material, and for the storage and transportation of the glass
And processing equipment. Molybdenum on the chemical composition is compatible with most glass, no glass tank due to a small amount of molybdenum soluble coloring cause adverse effects.

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