Molybdenum Alloy New Technology

Molybdenum alloy new technology as follows:

Mo-Si-B alloy
Molybdenum inherently poor oxidation resistance, preventing its broader applications.

Molybdenum dioxide formed in contact with oxygen (MoO2), 800 (1460F) sublimation of molybdenum in the air and then formed during condensation yellow white smoke to cause environmental pollution which the use of molybdenum in high temperature strength and creep resistance advantage of experts serious engineering problems.

In order to solve the above problems often have a Mo coated on the surface of a silicon-rich self-healing coatings, however, these coatings exhibit poor resistance to heat cycles of recent research and development of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) for a good high temperature strength and oxidation resistance of advanced composite matrix material.

molybdenum alloy

However, these composite materials ductility problem only for a small number of industrial products, in order to solve the problem ductility, identified with good oxidation resistance and a TZM alloy with high mechanical properties similar to the Mo-Si-B alloy. Experimental results show TZM alloy rod 1100 (2000F) after exposure to air for 1h significantly smaller size, and Mo-6Ti-2.2Si-1.1B alloy rod 1370 (2500F) is exposed to air 2h almost no change, which is a molybdenum-based alloy antioxidants remarkable results.

Experts still do a lot of detail work to improve its mechanical and thermal properties and optimizing the alloy composition, shaped hood shaped deep-penetrating warhead used to require the performance of military and industrial applications. In these devices, the shaped cover around explosives explode in a controlled manner and in a special way that deformation shaped cover, shaped cover melted and high-speed injection, can penetrate very thick target material, the development of molybdenum shaped cover is a relatively new field of study, copper has been the traditional choice shaped cover material.

As the high velocity molybdenum (5.12km / s copper 3.94km / s) and a relatively high density of the material (10.2g/cm3, copper 8.93g/cm3) is ideal for shaped cover material, acoustic velocity is to obtain high the basic conditions necessary for injection commonly used to cover an ejection molybdenum poly faster than 12km / s and conventional copper shaped cover resulting ejection speed than 10km / s ~ 25% of this 20% difference in the ejection speed is critical. It increases the ejection energy thereby increasing the penetration of molybdenum high-density polyethylene for improving the ability to penetrate the cover is also important.

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