Molybdenum Lanthanum Alloy Wire

What Is Molybdenum Lanthanum Alloy Wire?

Lanthanum molybdenum alloy wire system process:

With two molybdenum powder as raw material, mixed with a certain amount of lanthanum nitrate solution (weight ratio of lanthanum oxide content of 0.2% to 0.8%) for mixing powder and dried. The doped molybdenum oxide powder reduction, pressure type, sintering, and then by swaging, drawing made ​​Φ0.18 mm molybdenum wire.

molybdenum lanthanum alloy wir

Lanthanum molybdenum wire and the mechanical properties of pure molybdenum wire data

Sample No. Φ0.95 mm before annealing Φ0.95 mm after annealing Φ0.65 mm before annealing Φ0.65 mm after annealing
  Tensile strength/MPa Elongatio/% Tensile strength/MPa Elongatio/% Tensile strength/MPa Elongatio/% Tensile strength/MPa Elongatio/%
Pure molybdenum wire 1015 6 761 24 963 10 776 18
Lanthanum molybdenum alloy wire 1 1275 4.5 852 10 1165 4 970 8.5
Lanthanum molybdenum alloy wire 2 1396 4 959 9 1181 5 1032 7

1. Lanthanum molybdenum wire and pure molybdenum wire production costs less, but its life was increased by 50 percent. The same time as molybdenum wire has high tensile strength of lanthanum, wire cutting wire can be adjusted in a number tighter, so that the cutting of the workpiece surface finish some improvement.

2. Lanthanum put wire cutting molybdenum wire bulk market, the market is reflected in the use of performance lanthanum molybdenum alloy wire significantly better than pure molybdenum wire, basically consistent with the experimental results.

3. In WEDM industry, lanthanum molybdenum alloy wire instead of pure molybdenum wire for wire, great application value.

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