Molybdenum Lanthanum Alloy Boats

What Is Molybdenum Lanthanum Alloy Boats?

Molybdenum in the periodic table in Group VIB, high-strength high-melting point metal, high modulus, expansion coefficient, excellent thermal conductivity properties, is an ideal base superalloy material. Molybdenum powder is added in an appropriate amount of rare earth elements, through powder metallurgy, pressure processing method of preparation of rare earth molybdenum plate has good high temperature mechanical properties and process performance, as a boat, heat shield, high temperature structural parts, etc., are widely used in high-temperature furnace, electronic components, heating element and steel smelting and other industries.

Preparation of molybdenum powder superalloy materials need to use the boat as a carrier, and can be in high temperature, harsh environments and long-term variable load work. Domestic production of molybdenum powder carrier they use a nickel-base superalloy material boat, due to which the low-melting metals at high temperatures gradually infiltrated precipitation molybdenum powder, resulting in high purity molybdenum powder content of impurity elements is difficult to control.

In addition, the nickel-based superalloy material boat low intensity, easy to deform, resulting in the production of molybdenum powder equipment failure rate is higher. To solve this problem, the world's leading refractory metal prices PLANSEE, HC.STARK use 18 furnace production of high purity molybdenum powder, molybdenum boat used as a carrier. Molybdenum boat (depth 65 mm, width 88 mm) top of the head and tail phase sequentially through the furnace tube, molybdenum boat MoO2 powder inside the high temperature of about 1000 ℃ environment with hydrogen reduction reaction occurs very low content of impurity elements in high purity molybdenum powder. Due to the above molybdenum boat preparation techniques in China is still blank, adding rare earth elements have been prepared using the current theoretical basis molybdenum alloys and processing techniques, the use of rare earth elements in the lanthanide doped molybdenum powder prepared by the method of molybdenum lanthanum alloy plate, and the first lanthanum molybdenum boat completed successful preparation of material.

molybdenum lanthanum alloymolybdenum lanthanum alloymolybdenum lanthanum alloy

In the preparation process of molybdenum was found dispersed in the sintered compact after La2O3 by cross rolling, on the one hand the formation of the longitudinal and lateral distribution of the segmentation status in a {001} <110>, {110} <100>, {111} <110> texture of three kinds of plates, hinder grain growth, thereby improving the recrystallization temperature; forming a two-dimensional distribution along the sheet orientation of dispersed particles, grain boundaries at high temperatures impede the longitudinal and transverse movement , thereby reducing the vertical and horizontal difference in mechanical properties, molybdenum, lanthanum alloy sheet conducive stamping;

Stamping molybdenum boat before 2.8 mm thick Mo-1.0% La2O3 alloy plate and stamping dies for heating is essential, 550 ℃ is this specification molybdenum lanthanum alloy plate stamping maximum deformation rate produced the best heating temperature.

Molybdenum lanthanum boat material to withstand long-term variable temperature change boat load after fracture is due to vacancy migration and dislocation slip plane slip dimples caused tearing, increased service life of the material, and the mechanism of creep deformation uneven fracture, with a typical plastic deformation.

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