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CMC Alloy Process - Laser Surface Cladding

CMC alloy process (copper molybdenum copper alloy) - laser surface cadding as follow:

Laser Surface Cladding method was first used as a surface treatment process in the 1970s to develop. By adding the substrate to be coated powder, by laser irradiation, the surface of the powder and the substrate very thin while melting rapidly solidified surface of the substrate a composite layer with good adhesion.

And other composite technology, laser cladding method does not produce a strong plastic deformation matrix, and localized rapid heating, little thermal influence on the substrate, the cladding metallurgical bonding occurs, the substrate surface and the bonding strength is greatly improved. As fast direct manufacturing laser cladding technology advanced and great prospects for development, countries around the world related to the major research institutions have invested a lot of manpower and funding in-depth study.

cmc alloy

In theory, the performance difference of laser cladding technology as large metal/metal, metal/ceramic composite materials preparation provides a new means, has great potential for application. But now, laser cladding and some key issues to be resolved, such as the composite layer component segregation and microscopic tissue gradients cause stress cracking, quality control and defect control and other issues, far from equilibrium conditions for the solidification kinetics, crystallography research is also almost a blank.

In addition, the good performance of high-power lasers and industrial demand for one-time investment, high production costs also limit the development of laser cladding technology critical issues.

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