Molybdenum Copper Alloy Applications

According to the aforementioned characteristics of molybdenum copper alloy developments at home and abroad, molybdenum, copper alloys have been obtained in the following aspects applied. molybdenum copper alloy

Molybdenum copper alloy applications - vacuum switch electrical contacts

At present, foreign molybdenum-copper alloy and has tungsten copper materials simultaneously as electrical contact material. Domestic vacuum tungsten copper contacts are large scale, but there are also individual has selected molybdenum-copper alloy. Accordingly, the vacuum switch according to different performance requirements, in the case of different materials were used tungsten, copper and molybdenum copper alloy material in order to achieve the best results.

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Application - electric vacuum device cooling components

High-power integrated circuits and microwave devices requiring high thermal conductivity material as electrically conductive cooling components, while also taking into account the vacuum properties, heat resistance and thermal expansion coefficient. Tungsten, molybdenum, copper and copper alloys because of its characteristics meet these requirements and is therefore a preferred material for this application.

Molybdenum copper alloy applications - instrumentation components materials

Mo-Cu alloys as many physical properties such as non-magnetic, fixed thermal expansion coefficient, high elastic modulus, high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, etc., making it suitable for a number of special requirements instrumentation components, copper and molybdenum, tungsten, copper than low density, light weight, good plasticity, machining convenient and more suitable as a material instrument.

Molybdenum copper alloy applications - aerospace and weapons timber

Molybdenum-copper alloy is more resistant to erosion than molybdenum, more plasticity and workability, therefore, can be used as a slightly lower temperature rockets, missiles, high temperature components, can also be used as other weapons instead of molybdenum in parts, such as extended range guns and so on.

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Applications - Other

Molybdenum-copper alloy can also be used as a solid dynamic seal, sliding friction ribs, water-cooled furnace electrode tip, as well as EDM electrodes, and its application can be further developed.

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