Molybdenum Tungsten Alloy Applications

Molybdenum Tungsten Alloy Applications As Follows:

molybdenum tungsten alloy.Molybdenum tungsten alloys often because of the nature of the following nine kinds of different industry has been an important application.

1. Melting point
2. A very low vapor pressure (which is refractory and vacuum industry applications are particularly important.)
3. High physical strength (for high temperature structural member in a)
4. Creep (heat load structure. Dimensional stability, such as: large aircraft engine turbine blade forging die.)
5. High modulus of elasticity
6. Low thermal expansion coefficient (of the metal - ceramic structure, a metal - semiconductor structures, metal - graphite structure is important for applications such as in the field of LED, is considered the next high-power LED will use V-LED molybdenum or copper material as the base material)
7. Excellent conductivity (metallic)
8. Excellent thermal conductivity (metallic)
9. Selective resistance to erosion

The application of tungsten

Our most common applications of tungsten, may be regarded as the lighting industry. Such as tungsten wire. But in addition to tungsten wire, many people may not know that in fact in the lighting industry, tungsten and broader application. For example, high power gas discharge lamp electrode, an electrode, and so short arc lamp.

Lighting industry Application Example: short-arc lamp or tube electrode in the semiconductor industry, as with tungsten and silicon have similar coefficients of thermal expansion, and can improve the electron emission performance, it is to be used as the electron emitter.

In the medical device industry, tungsten, rhenium oxide through a small mixed (Re) improved high-temperature brittleness, can be used to produce X-ray radiation target. You can also make use of tungsten or an alloy shielding against radiation, radiation shielding radiotherapy equipment manufacture / focus system.

The application of molybdenum

Generally speaking, the nature of molybdenum and tungsten is relatively close, but tungsten molybdenum than cheaper and easier to process. In application, the molybdenum and tungsten are relatively close. For example, in the lighting industry, for the filament support and the car headlights reflective bowl. By doping CeO2 and Y2O3 made of molybdenum belt, used to do in the quartz tube sealing wires. In the electron tube as electrode or structure. The thyristor is used as a substrate of silicon element (Base plate).

Moly tungsten alloy than the above described application to a wide range of multi-regardless of the space shuttle, spacecraft, aircraft, automobiles, or in the electronic equipment, military weapons, can be used to tungsten and molybdenum alloys.

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