Mo Rhenium Process - Double Sintering Method

Molybdenum rhenium alloys are refractory alloys, it is generally by powder metallurgy method or prepared vacuum melting, powder metallurgy method is described below and in the temperature sintering Combination preparation.

Moifto introduces an improved powder metallurgy route. The process route is mainly carried out twice after the pre-sintering under different conditions of temperature sintering process route as shown. The route is mainly used two sintering process, the test found that the process route can be prepared very strong, no holes in the surface of molybdenum rhenium alloys.

Twice Sintering Molybdenum Rhenium Alloys Route is as follows:

molybdenum rhenium alloy

Compared to conventional powder metallurgy route, this process route, though more complex, but reduces the sintering temperature, and sintering billets prepared density close to the theoretical density, surface basically no holes, the performance is very satisfactory. With this process prepared sintered molybdenum rhenium alloy billets for subsequent machining, welding and other more favorable.

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