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CMC Alloy Process - Liquid Solid Casting Composite

CMC alloy process(copper molybdenum copper alloy) - liquid solidcasting composite as follow:

Liquid - solid casting composite technology is a high melting point metal substrate at a constant speed to be pulled through the molten pool of composite metal heat, so that the surface of liquid metal in a semi-solidified state with the metal substrate into the roll, rolling deformation occurs, between the substrate and the composite material to achieve a good combination to obtain a composite plate. Peng et al 1.2 mm thick steel plate dip after a 15m flux, prepared using the technology of steel - aluminum composite panels, to achieve the performance difference of two large metal composite.

cmc alloy

Although the technology is not yet useful for preparing CMC alloy(copper molybdenum copper alloy) Cu/Mo /Cu multilayer composite material of the relevant reports, but the method of Mo/Cu multilayer composites provide an idea, you can state sintering or rolled pure molybdenum plate , molybdenum copper alloy plate covered suitable flux, when molybdenum plate in contact with the molten copper, flux rapidly melting, decomposition, so that the active surface of the liquid in contact with copper, molybdenum occurs sheet copper liquid infiltration, overland flow, adsorption and Diffusion of other complex behavior, and if the substrate surface prefabricated micro-voids, you can make the process of diffusion and absorption over a solid combination of both interfaces to achieve CMC alloy(copper molybdenum copper alloy) Cu/Mo/Cu multilayer composites.

This liquid - solid casting semi-solid processing composite intermediate layer rolling deformation cracking can be avoided, and the production process is simple, short process, less subsequent processing products, should be prepared for future technological development multilayer composite metal new direction.

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