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Doped Molybdenum Alloy

What is doped molybdenum alloy?

Doped molybdenum alloys are used wet or dry doping. In pure molybdenum certain amount of potassium, silicon, aluminum elements that can make the recrystallization temperature of molybdenum has been greatly improved, even after recrystallization has good ductility.

molybdenum alloymolybdenum alloy
molybdenum alloymolybdenum alloy

The molybdenum alloy recrystallization temperature data at home and abroad reported the highest kind, up to 1800, it is not only used in wire rod. But also in sheet, strip, foil, also has a broad application prospects. In certain military applications, the potassium, silicon, aluminum and rhenium doping effect of solid solution strengthening effect fusion, can be obtained to meet specific performance requirements.

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