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New Carbide Solid Solution Enhanced Molybdenum Alloy

New carbide solid Solution strengthening molybdenum alloy as follow:

Tungsten alloyed with molybdenum to improve the heat resistance strength study has been conducted in the past, based on the results, adding 25% W, the alloy to improve the melting point of about 200 ℃, so this series of great significance. Right (Mo-W)-Ti-Zr-C system more research can be considered, it is in the TZM or developed on the basis of TZC.

In 1989 at the International Pu Lanxi demonstrated Mo-W-Zr-Hf-C series alloys, can be considered, it is in the MHC and developed on the basis of ZHM. This series has the following composition alloy being vigorously Study:

M25WH1  Mo23.72W1.20Hf-0.08C
M25WH2   Mo23.90W1.00Hf-0.06C
M25WZH1  Mo23.30W1.20Hf-0.40Zr-0.10C

High-temperature strength of these alloys increases due W ZHM than HMC and strength of the alloy series, more than 20%, the alloy at between 950-1450 ℃ higher the amount of total carbon, high-temperature strength tends to decrease, plastic - brittle transition temperature trends on improving. At 950 ℃, the tensile fracture of these alloys exhibit ductile fracture, the bottom surface of the dimple can also see the kid 0.1 ~ 0.2μm of Hf and Zr oxide particles.

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