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Rare Earth Molybdenum Alloy Thermal Emission Properties Research

Rare Earth Molybdenum Alloy Thermal Emission Properties Research As Follows:

RE molybdenum alloy or a new electronic functional materials (hot cathode material), and its ability to meet or exceed the current launch of the W-ThO2 material, but to overcome the W-ThO2 materials and brittle radioactive contamination issues, while allowing electric vacuum device operating temperature is reduced 200 ~ 300 ℃.

Rare-molybdenum alloy as new electronic functional materials, materials experts are increasingly attracted great attention. 2.5.5 Application molybdenum alloy of rare earth rare earth element can not only increase the recrystallization temperature of molybdenum and high temperature creep resistance, but also significantly reduce the molybdenum plastic - brittle transition temperature, increasing ductility, brittleness and improved high temperature molybdenum resistance droop capability.

Therefore, re molybdenum alloy has a very broad application, including:

① Rare earth molybdenum alloy wire is mainly used to make electric light filaments, EDM electrodes and high-temperature furnace heating elements, etc.;

rare earth molybdenum alloy

Rare earth molybdenum alloy plates, sheets used punched into silicon wafers used and tube heat shield, the spacecraft skin, guide plates, etc.;

③ Earth to do good quality molybdenum alloy steel hot piercing plug, aerospace and nuclear industries can be done materials, X-ray pole target, die casting molds and extrusion dies;

④ Rare-earth molybdenum alloy shaped products used to make glass melting electrodes, rare earth smelting electrodes, crucibles, high temperature sintering boats, high temperature radiant heat shield, orifice, rail, plate, etc.;

⑤ High-power hot cathode tube material. RE molybdenum alloy hot cathode material to replace the current high operating temperatures, radioactive contamination, brittleness thoriated tungsten cathode tube can greatly reduce the operating temperature and improve reliability.

Xue Kang camps with lanthanum molybdenum alloy wire instead of pure molybdenum wire, wire cutting conducted comparative tests. The results showed that: the reasonable control of lanthanum molybdenum rod working process conditions, lanthanum molybdenum wire with high tensile strength and high temperature strength, service life than pure molybdenum Siti height of about 50%. With lanthanum molybdenum wire instead of pure molybdenum wire as the wire EDM wire electrode, which can effectively reduce the cost of great application value.

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