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Al2O3 Impact On Molybdenum Cesium Alloy Properties

Does Al2O3 has any effect on molybdenum cesium alloy properties?

Al2O3 impact on molybdenum cesium alloy properties and microstructure as follows:

1.Molybdenum alloy composed of molybdenum and Al2O3 in the sintering process did not react with each other, no other phase formation.

2.With the increasing volume fraction of Al2O3, molybdenum alloy grain refinement, molybdenum alloy density first increases and then decreases, molybdenum substrate hardness growing

aluminum oxide

3.molybdenum alloy friction factor by the volume fraction of Al2O3 little effect, the friction factor values ​​at 0.47 ~ 0.57 between fluctuations.

4.With the increasing volume fraction of Al2O3, wear declining; wear is mainly dominated by sliding wear, worn surface has obvious furrows and debris, and the wear surface is not very different.

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