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Rare Earth Oxides Carbides Comprehensive Enhanced Molybdenum Alloy

Rare Earth Oxides Carbides Comprehensive Enhanced Molybdenum Alloy As Follows:

According to the study, at about 1450 ℃ strengthened molybdenum alloy carbides (eg ZHM, MHC, etc.) through deformation processing and aging to obtain a good performance in 1500 ℃ above the molybdenum oxide dispersion strengthened alloy has better overall performance, the two kinds of enhanced combined effect how?

Pu Lanxi ZHM alloy processing plants and other units of the Department of the best ingredients for the Canadian rare earth alloy ZHM6 oxide [1 (wt)%] study found that thermomechanical processing methods on the properties of these materials have a significant impact anomalies, they use 95% of the theoretical density sintered compact processing with the following three methods:
A-3 times deformation, each at 1200 ℃ deformation of 30%, as an intermediate annealing treatment 1200 ℃ 2 hours.

enhanced molybdenum alloy

Fig. Adding different types and contents of the key oxides tensile strength and elongation between the annealing temperature [thickness of 2mm, annealed at different temperatures 1 hour)

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