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Rare Earth Oxides Enhanced Moly Alloy

Rare Earth Oxides Enhanced Molybdenum Alloy

Used to strengthen the molybdenum oxide particles has been an area of study. In addition to the commonly used oxide enhancer, such as A12O3, Mgo, ZrO3 endures, in recent years, the international community strengthen the role of rare earth oxides are extremely active, YZO3, LaZO3, NdZO3, SmZO3, GdZO3 The principal rare earth oxide, plus 6 persons in general (volume)% or less, usually 1 (wt)%, and the grain size used in the sub-level range, the following table some of the oxide go out the situation.

Doped molybdenum oxide on the recrystallization temperature and anti-sagging performance impact is very large, according to the test results, doping LaZO3, SmZO3, NdZO3, YZO3 etc. recrystallization temperature of molybdenum wire is significantly higher than the recrystallization temperature of pure molybdenum, the former of 1500-1600 ℃, and the latter 1000-1200 ℃. High temperature anti-sagging properties have similar results, that the former over the latter.

molybdenum alloy

From two perspectives, doping LaZO3, SmZO3, NdZO3 than doping GdZO3 and YZO3 have better results, the reason may be the organizational structure from the material point of view, we know that the grain boundary wire axis direction intersecting with fewer high temperatures grain boundary sliding relaxation and creep strain caused temperature creep resistance, the smaller the better.

Pure molybdenum wire to 1000 ℃, still maintains a fibrous structure, but to 1100 ℃, appeared fibrous structure and small equiaxed crystal structure coexist situation, 1200 ℃ when fully recrystallized to form a large number of grain boundaries and wire-axis direction cross structure, and doped rare earth oxides to 1400 ℃ Shihai only fibrous structure, doping L at 03, sinZO3, NdZO3 molybdenum wire to 1600 ℃ is formed with the axis parallel to the wire, the more interlocking shape a large grain structure is conducive to preventing the grain moving, doping YZO3 or GdZO3 to 1600 ℃ when the interlocked grain products like small equiaxed with coexistence.

Improve the tensile properties, the effect of doping L obviously derogatory than 03 doped AbO: or effect of MgO, and with LaZO3 content increases, the tensile strength increased. The results also show, La 3 content will be from 1% to 4%, the recrystallization temperature of molybdenum doped from 1300 ℃ up to 2000 ℃.

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