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Rare Earth Doped With Molybdenum Powder Particle Size Control

How to control rare earth doped molybdenum powder granularity?

Preparation of rare earth doped molybdenum powder is the production of rare earth molybdenum alloy premise and foundation.

A certain proportion of rare earth dopant uniform incorporation of molybdenum oxide at high temperature reduction significantly inhibited when molybdenum powder particles grow, leading to severe thinning molybdenum powder, molybdenum-doped material for the production of inconvenience. Fu Xiaojun through the rare earth doped molybdenum powder Fei average particle size, Poisson's ratio, particle size distribution of the test analysis of rare earth dopants on molybdenum powder particle size effects.

molybdenum powder
molybdenum powdermolybdenum powdermolybdenum powder

The results showed that: the addition of rare earth elements molybdenum powder particles inhibit the growth; changing reduction effect of temperature on the particle growth is not satisfactory; using high K content of ammonium production of rare earth doped molybdenum powder, larger particles and particle size better distributed, the actual production of the bar to achieve good results.

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