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Rare Earth Molybdenum Alloy

What Is Rare Earth Molybdenum Alloy?

In the development process of the molybdenum alloy, rare earth oxides its stable chemical structure and a good strengthening effect was extremely active, adding rare earth oxide of molybdenum can significantly improve the recrystallization temperature and anti-sag properties, and its unit Department of molybdenum alloys and multicomponent molybdenum alloy also done a lot tests.

There are currently several mature MY MLa and molybdenum alloys, pure molybdenum is added in 1% to 2%, or La2O3, Y2O3. The molybdenum alloy high-temperature performance, application prospect Mo-0.5Ti + Y, in a single-element molybdenum alloy dispersion based on adding Y2O3 do molybdenum alloy, expected in sheet, strip, foil gain a place within the field of TZM, TZC, ZHM, molybdenum alloys, in TZM, TZC, ZHM molybdenum alloy by adding rare earth oxides work is currently in the research and development phase.

rare earth molybdenum alloy

Enhanced by molybdenum alloy types can be divided into the following categories:

Molybdenum alloy solid solution strengthening elements molybdenum alloy solid solution strengthening of trace molybdenum alloy, molybdenum alloy mainly refers to the type of Mo-0.5Ti, Z-6, Cell-molybdenum alloys, mainly rely on adding a small amount of molybdenum alloying elements in solid solution to improve molybdenum alloys, this strengthening effect is weak, only slightly higher than the molybdenum alloys pure molybdenum.

Thus, adding a small amount of molybdenum in the alloy elements in solid solution at the same time tends to a certain amount of carbon, the carbon and molybdenum alloying elements to form carbides which in turn has the effect of dispersed particles to enhance the strengthening effect of a large molybdenum alloy solid solution strengthening. Such means of molybdenum and tungsten-molybdenum alloy, molybdenum, rhenium molybdenum alloy, it is primarily rely on a lot of molybdenum alloying elements molybdenum alloy with molybdenum to form a solid solution to improve the heat resistance of molybdenum alloy strength and hardness, but the processing performance deteriorated.

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