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Rare Earth Molybdenum Alloy Mechanical Properties Research

Rare Earth Molybdenum Alloy Mechanical Properties Research As Follows:

Molybdenum alloys of rare earth has a very important impact study its mechanism for improving the performance improvement molybdenum alloy has a very important significance. Wang Xingang different deformation processes such as the production of rare earth high temperature molybdenum plate, and after annealing at high temperature mechanical properties at room temperature were tested to explore the distribution of rare earth particles dispersed molybdenum plate microstructure with high impact toughness at room temperature. Table shows the rare high temperature molybdenum plate with relatively pure molybdenum plate at room temperature toughness.

Annealing temperature

Pure molybdenum plate

High temperature molybdenum plate

σb/MPa δ/% σb/MPa δ/%
1100℃ 1022 7.5 1315 8.6
1200℃ 906 5.8 1189 9.0
1300℃ 820 4.4 1077 10.4
1700℃ 426 3.4 923 11.2
1800℃ 366 3.0 868 12.8
2000℃ 307 2.2 805 9.7

The results show that the earth temperature molybdenum plate after annealing up to 1 700 ℃ still has excellent toughness at room temperature, at 1 800 ~ 2 000 ℃ annealed at room temperature toughness decreased; pure molybdenum sheet after annealing at 1 100 ℃, although a better temperature toughness (but worse than the rare high temperature molybdenum plate), at 1 200 ℃ showed obvious already after annealing at room temperature brittleness; higher than 1 800 ℃ annealing, due to the grain grew up together, dispersed particles relative dispersion, the dislocation density is reduced , resulting in decrease in toughness at room temperature.

In recent years, Beijing University of Technology launched a rare earth oxide on the one hand, molybdenum toughening mechanism and the electron emission mechanism of basic research; other hand, the system is the application of rare earth molybdenum alloy research and development, on the rare earth molybdenum alloys the fracture toughness, high temperature strength, plastic - brittle transition temperature, foil processing technology and performance aspects of the system studied. The results showed that rare earth oxide (La2O3, Y2O3, etc.) to join, so sintered molybdenum material reached the maximum flexural strength 930 MPa, compared to 612 MPa sintered pure billet increased 52 percent, bending angle from 5 ° pure molybdenum billet improve to 15.3 °.

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