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Cesium Content Impact On Molybdenum Cesium Alloy Properties

rare earth elementDoes cesium content has any effect on molybdenum cesium alloy properties ?

1. Effect of Ce in molybdenum cesium alloy of CeO2 in the molybdenum powder; sintered compact, the smaller the size of CeO2 evenly distributed in the grain interior, while the larger size of the CeO2 distributed in the grain boundary; molybdenum wire in CeO2 particles and fibrous in two forms exist.

2. With increasing the content of Ce, cesium molybdenum alloy powder particle size decreases.

3. Effect of Ce join, molybdenum wire in the case of little intensity variation can effectively improve the plasticity of cesium molybdenum alloy wire, and with the increase of Ce, plasticity declined.

4. Cesium molybdenum alloy wire in different forms because of the presence of CeO2, leading to its plasticity differences. 0. 03% Ce molybdenum wire fracture bottom CeO2, cracks in the tensile test and molybdenum supported on CeO2 on the interface substrate, and thus its lower ductility; the CeO2 in fiber present, its uniform plastic deformation, to reduce the dislocation pileup, thus delaying the crack nucleation process and thus high plasticity.

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