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Rare Earth Oxides Impact On Molybdenum Alloy Properties

Rare Earth Oxides Impact On Molybdenum Alloy Properties As Follws:

1) Adding rare earth oxides Y2O3, can effectively inhibit the molybdenum alloy grain growth, the grain distribution is more uniform, the relative density of the sintered compact.

2) With the addition of yttrium oxide content increases, the molybdenum alloy tensile strength and yield strength increased at first and then decreased in the yttria content was 1%, the tensile strength of 511.43 MPa, yield strength 456.99MPa, pure molybdenum materials are 1.31 times and 1.57 times, the best mechanical properties.

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3) Mmolybdenum, rare earth oxides and Y2O3 chemical reaction does not occur in the form of the molybdenum matrix. In the sintered molybdenum alloys, Y2O3 uniform particle distribution, mainly spherical or equiaxed grain boundary exists in the alloy.

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