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Rare Earth Molybdenum Alloy Structure

molybdenum alloyRE Molybdenum Alloy Structure As Follows:

Molybdenum is a well-known high-temperature materials, in order to further improve the high temperature performance, there has developed a Mo-0.5Ti alloy (0.5% Ti, 0.01% ~ 0.04% C), TZM alloy (0.4% ~ 0.5% Ti, 0.07% ~ 0.12% Zr, 0.01% ~ 0.04% C), TZC alloy 1.05% ~ 1.50% Ti 0.1% ~ 0.3% Zr, 0.12% ~ 0.40% C ), which TZC recrystallization temperature and high temperature strength up, but unfortunately difficult to control on the production process, hindered its application.

To solve this problem, we are on the basis of TZM alloy composite adding rare earth Y, Ce, and a variety of formulations of the alloys tested, has produced the process is easy to control and more excellent high temperature properties of RE molybdenum alloy.

Through research showed that the addition of rare earth Y, Ce, can significantly improve the TZM alloy high temperature performance, its main mechanism of action and organizational structural characteristics can be summarized as follows.

1. Dispersed particles not only in the grain boundaries may also be present in the grain, the grain boundary thus while strengthening and grain. However, the dispersion of coarse particles and the solid solution of Mo-Ti alloys are disadvantageous and must therefore be strictly controlled dopant powder size.

2. The phase structure of the dispersed phase in-depth analysis and found that the structure of the formation of two Y2O3 composite oxide, Ti does not form TiC, but the formation of Ti (C, N) phase.

3. Doping elements identified the presence in the alloy form: Y, Ce, Zr oxides are formed, Ti in the alloy, there are three possible forms: First, the formation of Ti (C, N), the second is the formation of composite oxide, the three Mo-Ti solid solution is formed.

4. To ZrH2, TiH2 added in the form of Ti, Zr in the alloy has a strong deoxidizing effect, Ti and denitrification can be reduced because the alloy O, N enrichment of the grain boundary brittleness caused.

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