MoCu Applications - Microelectronic Hermetic Packages

Many microelectronics applications require customed thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity sub-mounts, bases, substrates and packages. Proper selection of materials is the basis for efficient thermal management solutions. The main materials used in microelectronic hermetic packages are tungsten copper, molybdenum copper, ceramics, cermets and plastics, while molybdenum copper (MoCu), copper/molybdenum copper (CMC) and tungsten copper (WCu) have lower CTE and higher thermal conductivity. Their high thermal conductivity compared to other similar materials facilitates high-power electronic packaging.

Chinatungsten Online has over 20 years of experience in composites manufacturing and providing innovative solutions for critical packaging requirements. By using the same proprietary infiltration process as the tungsten copper, replacing tungsten with high-purity, fine-grained molybdenum powder, molybdenum copper alloys offer 40% density savings over tungsten-copper alloys for weight-sensitive applications with minimal CTE loss.

microelectronic hermetic packages
molybdenum-copper-applications-in-microelectronic-hermetic-packages Our proven press sintering and infiltration process enable molybdenum copper products with excellent mechanical stability, fully densified, air tightness, uniform thermal properties, excellent electroplatability, dimensional stability under thermal cycling and high thermal conductivity. MoCu products will be manufactured with standard bases but according to customer's drawings and specifications.

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