Moly Copper Alloy Development History

Moly Copper Alloy Development History As Follows:

The 1960s, the former Soviet scholars have certain molybdenum copper alloy as the coefficient of expansion of fixed expansion alloys have been studied, the copper content of alloy expansion coefficient of the material.

1970s, the domestic copper molybdenum alloy had set as high thermal expansion of the semiconductor substrate power tube been developed, which is higher than the thermal conductivity of pure molybdenum and aluminum, and oxygen-free copper expansion coefficient is lower than its coefficient of expansion and ceramic materials such as silicon good match.

80, by adding a small amount of molybdenum copper nickel or other elements used for sealing the ceramic non-magnetic metal material chord sealing the pressure sensor from the vibration-type temperature compensation of the non-magnetic material fixed expansion. However, due to various constraints, these efforts have not been very good promotion, the application of a single narrow object comparison, the amount is very small.

The late 1980s, foreign molybdenum copper alloy tubes and vacuum switches as electrical switches for electrical contacts in the production and application, while the development of microelectronic devices such as LSI heat sink material in. Table 1 lists the molybdenum as a heat sink material copper alloy composition and associated thermal performance. After 90 years, the country through the introduction of technology, also produces molybdenum-copper contacts using a vacuum switch tube, and heat sink materials research copper molybdenum alloy.

Table Used as a heat sink material copper molybdenum alloy composition and properties

Materials Composition /% (mass fraction) Density / g · cm-3 Coefficient of thermal expansion / × 10-6 · ℃ -1 Quality heat capacity / J · (kg · ℃) -1
Mo Cu
Mo-17Cu 83 17 10.00 6.5 165
Mo-17 Cu 83 17 10.01 7.0 180
Mo-22Cu 78 22 9.90 7.2 175
Mo-28Cu 72 28 9.90 7.7   185

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