Moly Copper Alloy Process - Coppe Infiltration

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Process - Coppe Infiltration

Copper infiltration method is the direct compression forming molybdenum powder, sintered at a high temperature under argon into a porous preform of molybdenum, molybdenum and the sintered porous preform in a vacuum or inert gas infiltrated molten copper. In order to obtain the desired copper molybdenum copper content is necessary to control the porosity of the sintered molybdenum blanks, so that after copper penetrate these pores to achieve the desired copper content.

molybdenum copper alloy

This method is very easy to obtain copper ≤ 30% (mass fraction) of copper molybdenum alloy material, for ≥ 30% (mass fraction) of copper molybdenum alloy material, you can use some copper molybdenum copper mixed mixed powder was pressed sintering and infiltration method for copper.

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