Moly Copper Alloy Process - Mixed Powder Sintering

Moly Copper Alloy Process - Mixed Powder Sintering As Follows:

Mixed powder sintering method is based on the required ingredients mixed molybdenum-copper alloy molybdenum powder and copper powder, and then molding, sintering directly into products. Also available molybdenum oxide and copper oxide reduction with mixed powder of molybdenum copper alloy mixed powder pressing and sintering, and the latter can be more compact organization a more uniform product.

High copper content of copper molybdenum alloy is more suitable for mixing powder sintering process is simple and the same because it is a high density of products available, if necessary, can be further used to increase the density of complex pressure.

molybdenum copper alloy

Low copper content of copper molybdenum alloy sintered powder mixed directly, you need to first be made ​​of copper molybdenum alloy mixed powder fine powder or mechanical activation, thereby increasing the sintering activity, to ensure a dense sintered products.

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