Moly Copper Alloy Process - Oxides Of Reduction

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Process - Oxides Of Reduction As Follows:

Usually prepared by reduction of oxides of molybdenum-copper alloy composite powder, both because there are significant differences oxide reduction temperature, while premature powder aggregation, segregation of copper, lead molybdenum-copper alloy composite powder composition fluctuation , while the use of composite oxide reduction method can be prepared composition is very homogeneous molybdenum-copper alloy composite powder.

In this method, re-ammonium (NH4) 2Mo2O7 and Cu2O or CuO as raw materials were mixed and heated at above 250 ℃ oxidation, synthesis of the general formula: CuMoO4 + xMoO3 mixed powder, the final hydrogen reduction, to obtain a uniform distribution of molybdenum-copper alloy composite powders. This powder has good sinterability and oppressive.

molybdenum copper alloy

Which, Cu content of 2% to 26% (mass fraction), the at 1 050 ~ 1 080 ℃ sintering, Cu content of 26% to 40% (mass fraction) of the composite powder in 1 085 ~ 1 400 ℃ sintering . Because it is surrounded by copper molybdenum, molybdenum during the sintering process so formed first frame, and internal infiltration of liquid copper, molybdenum during the sintering process so that the copper alloy sintered compact retains its shape well. Prepared by the method of the Mo-15Cu sintered density of the theoretical density of up to 98.9% ~ 99.0%, a conductivity of 36. 6% ~ 36. 7% IACS, a thermal conductivity up 180W / m · K.

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