Molybdenum Copper Process - Pressure Infiltration

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Process - Pressure Infiltration

Infiltration pressure gradient prepared molybdenum copper alloy material is used micron molybdenum powder and copper powder, in different proportions in ethanol, mixing and grinding evenly;

After drying, the laminate according to the designed structure (as in the first layer is a Mo-10Cu, the second layer is a Mo-20Cu, etc.) successively stacked in the steel shop, etc. Thickness of cold forming;

Protecting green hot hydrogen sintering furnace, molybdenum copper alloy gradient material obtained.

molybdenum copper alloy

Chenwen Ge, who used this technique at 1100 ℃ pressure 10 MPa, to obtain a relative density of 98% of the molybdenum-copper alloy gradient material. Found changes with the design elements, gradient layers also show trends morphology, the layers no interface exists transition region. Molybdenum content higher level, due to pressure effects, molybdenum skeleton deformation and fracture, were coated copper particles.

Moreover, with the reduction of gradient layers, molybdenum alloy conductivity copper alloys increased, indicating that the interface would molybdenum-copper alloy material conductivity gradient significant impact. Hot pressing, due to the presence of the pressure fluid migration and diffusion of copper, material flow to accelerate, to achieve better filling effect and improve the density.

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