Moly Copper Alloy Process - Squeeze Casting

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Process - Squeeze Casting As Follows:

Conventional sintering and infiltration molybdenum-copper alloys prepared by liquid phase sintering due to the sintering process, the copper is to rely on the free flow of fluid filling the gap of molybdenum, and has therefore been difficult to meet the molybdenum-copper alloys for high-density requirements.

Chen Chin other uses patented self-venting squeeze casting molybdenum-copper alloy was prepared by high density composite material. Their preparation process:

First, the ratio of certain size and amount of molybdenum particles into a mold, having a volume fraction of 55%, 60% and 67% of the particles of the preform;

molybdenum copper alloy

And at 900 ~ 1 100 ℃ insulation, then copper solution at 1 200 ~ 1 400 ℃ casting, rapidly pressurized to 75MPa, for 5 min after releasing, molybdenum copper alloy.

Can be prepared by extrusion casting method of the particle distribution, density of 99% or more high volume fraction of mo-cu alloy, copper-molybdenum alloy interface is clean, smooth, there is no interface to the reactants and the amorphous layer.

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