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CMC(Copper Molybdenum Copper Alloy)

What is CMC alloy(copper molybdenum copper alloy) ?

CMC alloy (copper molybdenum copper alloy) is a planar multilayer composite is a good thermoelectric properties of electronic packaging and heat sink material, and Mo/Cu, W/Cu compared to other materials, the production cost is low, flat good thermal conductivity, and high density, high power electronic components at home and abroad preferred packaging material.

Back in the 1990s, foreign experts on the CMC alloys were studied, CMC alloy prepared high-performance alloy composite material, and has been applied in related fields.

cmc alloy

Domestic for Mo/Cu multilayer composite materials related research began in recent years, mainly in the Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Central South University, Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute, Beijing University of Science and Technology and some other research institutions, did not form scale production and preparation of the relevant technology and product performance stability, with foreign countries there are still large gaps.

Because the CMC alloy is a composite alloy sheet material is also, therefore, from the feasibility of preparing speaking, most of the methods for preparing composite multilayer material CMC can be used to prepare an alloy material or as a reference.

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